Netflix & Chill

A side project

  • design
  • UX
  • product
  • App Design

Netflix & Chill is a concept for a dating app that matches people according to their Netflix viewing history. Each user would connect their Netflix account and be able to create a profile and connect with other users with similar viewing trends or likes/dislikes.

Visual Design

My goal was to evoke the sense of cuddling up in a dark room, lit only by the light of the television. It needed to be a little sexy, but also, super chill. I started first with a mood board to establish this tone. Gathering bits of imagery that juxtaposed dark atmosphere with splashes vibrant neon. Overall the feeling is both dramatic and calming, like something out of a dream or movie. You can see my mood board in InVision

Color & Typography

Using my mood board to guide my visual choices I narrowed in on a color palette, a dark theme with a cool green, and sultry red tones. I played around with substantial, high impact typefaces and lockups for the logo.

Element Collage

I crafted together some necessary interface elements into an element collage. This gave me a full spectrum view of what my interfaces could look like allowing me to insure my app would match my chill vibe.


I used Adobe Experience to create a few key screens, along with a prototype to show user flow and interaction.